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Community leadership workbook for councillors

20 Mar

community leadership councilloor workbookThis LGA workbook has been designed as a learning aid for all councillors, regardless of their experience or responsibilities. It makes no assumptions about how long you have been a member or your experience or lack of it as a leader in your community. Those who are relatively new to local government or the practical and philosophical issues concerning their community leadership role may feel there is much ground to cover. This workbook will brief and update you on the key aspects of this role in the context of the opportunities and challenges facing our communities today.



For information on changes’ councillor guide and associated research see

Neighbourhood Plans – roadmap guide

22 Nov

Neighbourhood Planning commenced in 2012. Local communities are now able to produce Neighbourhood Plans for their neighbourhood, putting in place a vision and policies for the future development of the area. This presents real opportunities, but can seem a little daunting.

This guide from Locality is designed to help local communities or parish and town councils to decide whether or not to produce a Neighbourhood Plan for their area and, if they decide to go ahead, to guide them through the process of producing the plan and thinking about how it will be delivered. The roadmap not only gives guidance on the requirements of legislation, but also on best practices and how to avoid pitfalls. In particular, it emphasises the need for effective community engagement as an essential part of producing a realistic plan, which has a sense of community ownership.

People or place: urban policy in the age of austerity

24 Sep

This report argues that the focus of regeneration policy should be much more on people rather than places: supporting disadvantaged people to achieve better individual outcomes regardless of where they live; increasing geographic mobility so that it is easier for people to move to areas which are growing; and reducing the barriers to the expansion of more economically successful places.

This report considers this debate, which is at the heart of policy on economic development and regeneration. It investigates the following questions:

(1) What were the successes and failures of regeneration and economic development under the old regime?

(2) What does this imply for whether policy should focus on people, places or both?

One of the policy recommendations is…

Continued investment in community development – building social capital and social networks